Sheridan Tatsuno

About the Scientist

Sheridan Tatsuno, an author and serial entrepreneur who has founded 10 companies. Most recently he co-founded One Reality which uses VR to design smart and sustainable cities. Already being used by architects, engineers, and construction companies in the Nordics, One Reality will start operations in California this year. He is also the founder of Silicon Valley Global Network which promotes global collaboration among 80,000+ entrepreneurs.

About the Guest Comedians

Joe Tobin is an east coast personality trapped in a west coast lifestyle. Originally from Philadelphia, he has become a regular in Bay Area comedy clubs. He has worked with Dave Chappelle, Jake Johannsen, Doug Benson, Zach Galifiankis and has been featured on the Independent Film Channel and SF Sketchfest.

Named by Refinery29 as "50 Female Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Know", Priyanka Wali   has been featured in Women's Health Magazine, The Today Show, Uproxx, Cosmopolitan, India Currents Magazine and Healthline. 


Partner: Worlds Fair Nano

Worlds Fair USA organizes technology festivals around the U.S. called Worlds Fair Nano. The purpose of Nano is to give everyone a chance to experience the future. They aim to build the Worlds Fair Nano series into a six month Worlds Fair.

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