About the Scientist

Nick Hammes is a Googler and robot fanatic, who studied computer science, philosophy, and linguistics at the University of Minnesota. By day, he uses code to better Google’s engineering hiring process, and in his free time, he mentors robotics teams and inspires kids to pursue STEM as a Master of Ceremonies at robotics events across the country.

About the Guest Comedians

Ashton Tate performs stand-up regularly in San Francisco and spent a year with the public speaking organization Toastmasters. He was a finalist in the 2015 Rooster T Feathers’ stand-up competition and co-produces a show at Lost Weekend Video called “The People Under the Stairs.”

Gabrielle Poccia is a Bay Area darling that continues to forge through the comedy scene with a unique blend of quirky and bold humor that is both dark yet loveable. She dazzles audiences as an actress and songstress while co-producing, “Crushes, Loves and One Night Stands.”

Partner: Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is a program that trains full-stack Software Engineers on computer science fundamentals and JavaScript over 12 weeks.

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