About the Scientist

Jacob Ward is a Television Correspondent for Al Jazeera and PBS. Previously editor of Popular Science Magazine and correspondent for Al Jazeera, he’s covered stories from heroin epidemics to environmental threats to the effects of gun violence in America. Jake now focuses his time on a four-hour series on bias and human irrationality, traveling from Tanzania to China to Puerto Rico to explore the evolutionary origin of human irrationality, bias, and self-destructive behavior. He’s also about to release Complicated, a 10-part podcast which explores uncertainty and overwhelming complexity: subjects like nuclear weapons, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and weaponized robots that are simply too complicated for a single, tidy summary.

About the Guest Comedians

Imran G-i is a SF Bay Area Comedian & NASA Rocket Scientist who is always down for a pants-off dance off. He is also a Co-Host of the Bad Asians Podcast which provides weekly colorful commentary on current events, culture, and/or the mundane.

Florentina Tanase is a Bay Area stand up comedian, born in Romania, raised on dad jokes, and can’t wait for male birth control. Florentina started performing at The Purple Onion December 2015 and has since performed at Cobb's Comedy in San Francisco, Sacramento Punchline, Poland (yes the country), The World Famous Comedy Store and The Viper Room in Los Angeles.

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