Past Shows


Past Shows

Featuring Dr. Joon Yun: Physician, Hedge-Fund Manager, Sponsor of Palo Alto Longevity Prize

Featuring Dr. Vivienne Ming: Theoretical Neuroscientist, Technologist and Entrepreneur

Featuring Ryan Bethencourt: Scientist, Entrepreneur and Biohacker


Even More Shows

Immortality and Anti-Aging
Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Maximizing Human Potential
Dr. Vivienne Ming

Human Sexuality
Dr. Ali Fogarty, Krissy Eliot, Aivy Cordova

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Dr. Seth Shostak

Smart, Sustanable Cities
Sheridan Tatsuno

Extraterrestrial Life @ Yelp
Dr. Seth Shostak

Transhumanism: Humans + Machines
Zoltan Istvan

Dr. Natalie Batalha

Healthy Aging
Dr. Gregory Tranah

Nuclear Fusion 
Dr. Lorin Benedict

Science of Computing @ Hack Reactor
Nick Hammes

Population Stabilization
Dr. Joon Yun

Stimulating the Brain
Dr. Ted Zanto

Synthetic Biology
Terry Johnson

Exoplanet Archives
Dr. Jessie Christiansen

How to Build a Better Human
David Ewing Duncan

Speechless Marathon 2017
Zoltan, Lindsay, Jake, Mary, Holger

What's so Special about your Brain?
Dr. Indre Viskontas

Science of Memory
Chester Santos

Space Exploration
Ariel Waldman

Science Communication
Jake Ward

Dark Constituents of the Universe
Dr. Holger Müller

Master the Metadata
Simon Bayangos

AI and Brains @ Hero City
Dr. Vivienne Ming

Applied Biotech
Ryan Bethencourt

Animal Genomics & Biotech
Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam

Our Future with Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Richard Socher

Earth is in Our Hands
Dr. David Grinspoon

How Blockchain is Changing our World
Brian Behlendorf