About the Scientist

Dr. Lorin Benedict is a computational condensed matter theorist that predicts the properties of matter at extreme pressures and temperatures. He obtained his PhD in Physics from UC Berkeley in 1996, where he studied various properties of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. He then moved to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD for a postdoctoral fellowship, where he helped to develop more accurate numerical methods for predicting the absorption of visible and ultraviolet light by solid matter.

Lorin joined Lawrence Livermore at the end of 1998, now using phenomenological models to produce very accurate multi-phase equations of state for materials such as hydrogen, carbon, and beryllium. He also investigates the physics of dense, highly collisional plasmas using MD and kinetic equations.

About the Guest Comedians

Katie Rubin is a touring solo show performer, regional theater actress and director, TV writer and performer.

Matt Gubser performs across the country and internationally, touching on topics ranging fatherhood, dating, sex, politics, & religion, intermingling personal anecdotes and biting social commentary, all couched in a comfortable, relaxed delivery.

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