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About the Scientist

Terry Johnson has a master's degree in chemical engineering from MIT and is currently an Associate Teaching Professor of bioengineering at UC Berkeley. He hopes that by doing so, he will be giving students the tools that they will need to repair him as he gets older. He teaches courses in a wide range of subjects, displaying a versatility that has prevented him from achieving any actual expertise. In 2010 he received the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching, and was one of the recipients of Berkeley's 2013 Distinguished Teaching Awards. He is also co-author of the popular science book How to Defeat Your Own Clone (and other tips for surviving the biotech revolution) and is represented by the Linda Chester Literary Agency.

About the Guest Comedians


Vivek Venugopal is an SF-based stand-up comedian and improvisor. He is the Director of Revenue at Speechless Live which arms improvisors with a laser pointer and a deck of random slides to put their talents to the test in the ultimate gauntlet, giving a presentation that they've never seen before.

Kevin Wong is a Bay Area comic that challenges audiences to think differently and leaves them with the sense they're not alone. Kevin started a weekly show, producing and hosting The Secret Show, and in 2016 expanded his comedy reach by adding two new Bay Area shows: Comedians@RedRock and Comedians@RailClub. He also launched a solo podcast, aptly named The Podcast. Twice a week, he speaks candidly on topical issues, finding humor in life's lessons.


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