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About the Scientist

Dr. Jeff Silverman is a Data Scientist at Samba TV where he uses Big Data to, among other things, figure exactly how many people are watching Westworld and Game of Thrones. Before moving into the tech industry, Jeff was an astrophysics researcher at the University of Texas at Austin and earned his PhD at UC Berkeley working on exploding stars and dark energy.

About the Guest Comedians


Josef Anolin was born and raised in Oakland, CA thanks to his parents. Josef likes to tell jokes that offer audiences fresh perspectives on "hot button" issues like race, class, gender that are simultaneously respectful and tongue in cheek offensive. Josef has been peddling his humor to audiences throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Emily Browning is an actress and stand-up comedian. Her journey is filled with hilarious stories involving flaming popcorn, kicked-in doors, and baby formula. She features in the play “What In Tarnation,” and performs at Cobb Comedy Club and Punchline in San Francisco.


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