About Us


About Us


Where E=Eureka!, L=Learning and L=Laughing

Eureka! is an interactive science comedy show that demystifies science in ways that are relatable, educational, and entertaining.


Meet the Team

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Allen Saakyan, Founder

Allen Saakyan is a polymath, empath, and science communicator propelling unconventional concepts like world peace & sustainable colonization of planets and stars. Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk, Allen Saakyan founded Eureka! out of his passion for making complex subjects relatable. He also hosts and produces Worlds Fair future festivals and The Simulation - his newest series asking global leaders humanity's most thought provoking questions. Allen mentors entrepreneurs around the world and is a sought after speaker, emcee, and life coach.

Kevin Whittinghill, Founder

As a comedian, Kevin has been entertaining audiences across the country with his dark yet playful sarcastic wit. He's performed at clubs and multiple festivals, including the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, L.A.'s Scripted Comedy Festival, the Burbank Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest. He also hosts the popular public radio satire show NPR-Rated Comedy. He also has a background in film and theater, having worked with the likes of Hinton Battle, Stanley Tucci, and Steve Buscemi. 


Big Rock
Theater Sponsor

Eureka! thanks the generosity of our friends at Big Rock (with a special shoutout to Mike Harden)! They are an incredible family office dedicated to serving the California hospitality & wellness community by investing, consulting, and supporting businesses, non-profits, and individuals who are driving positive change.


Tiny Publishings
Prize Sponsor

Eureka! thanks Gözde Effe of Tiny Publishings for creating amazing prizes for our audience to win. To follow Tiny Publishings in action, visit their Instagram account and be awestruck. 


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