About Us


About Us

Where E=Eureka!, L=Learning and L=Laughing

Eureka! is an interactive science comedy show that demystifies science in ways that are relatable, educational, and entertaining.

Meet the Team

Allen Saakyan
Kevin Whittinghill

Allen Saakyan, Founder

Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk, Allen Saakyan founded Eureka! out of his passion for making complex subjects relatable. His two favorite words that he uses to describe himself are polymath (wide-ranging learning) and empath (emotional intelligence expert). He believes it will take AI the longest to automate the combination of those skills. Allen also produces Worlds Fair USA, mentors entrepreneurs, and speaks on topics like spacetime, evolution, consciousness, machine intelligence, and simulation theory at universities and corporations.

Kevin Whittinghill, Founder

Kevin Whittinghill loves comedy. Kevin loves science. So why not produce a science comedy show full of laughing and learning? As a comedian, Kevin has been entertaining audiences across the country with his dark yet playful sarcastic wit. He's performed at clubs and multiple festivals, including the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, L.A.'s Scripted Comedy Festival, the Burbank Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest. Aside from comedy he has a background in film and theater, having worked with the likes of Hinton Battle, Stanley Tucci, and Steve Buscemi. 


Alexa Herasimchuk, Photographer and Designer

Alexa is a Product Designer, amateur photographer, basketball player, and just your average human being. She loves to leverage technology in order to solve problems that help maximize human potential. Learn more about Alexa on her personal website.


Cayla Sharp, Videography and
Post Production

Cayla is an editor and show production guru from Utah who co-founded Fighting Gravity which competed in America’s Got Talent. While living in NYC, she worked on Paradiso, The Beacon, and The Walking Dead Experience. She is active in the LGBTQ+ awareness and equality movement. Learn more about Cayla on her personal website.


Tarang Gala, 

Tarang is passionate about initiatives that empower people to share knowledge. He enjoys traveling and capturing the world around him through a variety of artistic mediums. Professionally, he is the Creative Lead at Way2B1, helping to create products that have a direct impact on families and the teams that help them thrive.

Eli Makman,

Eli loves to question how influencing behavior can be used to modify one’s values and social interactions. He aspires to utilize technology in creating designs that are centered away from hyper consumerism, and instead focus on motivating deeper social relationships, political awareness, and life balance.